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We have a website, which is in multiple languages. The main language is german, and one of the other languages is french. When I switch to the french version, the widget is displayed correctly in french, but after clicking on forgot password, the email and the following widget to choose the password are in english. I have already enabled french in the tenant settings and the system (browser) which has requestd the new password is in french.

Would you know what I am missing here?

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Hey there @support24!

You’ll need to look into both configure a custom email provider as well as customize the specific password reset email template as outlined in the following post:

Here is an example of what this might look like using Liquid Syntax:

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Hi there @tyf ,

Thank you very much.

We have already made the necessary adjustments for the email template. Where we have the issue is with the password reset Widget is displayed in german and not french. The widget on the website where you have to enter your email is in french, but the Widget where you have to enter your password is in not in french, but in german.

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No problem, I’m happy to help!

Thanks for clarifying - I’m not currently able to reproduce this error in New Universal Login. I’m using Chrome and all I’ve done is:

  • Add additional language (in my case Portuguese) in my tenant settings → general → languages.

  • Set Portuguese as my language in Chrome.

  • I am getting both Portuguese in the widget to enter my email to being the password reset flow, as well as when I am returned to the widget from the password reset link in my email.

I’m curious as to which browser you are seeing this in as well as if you are experiencing this in New or Classic Universal login?

Adding our internationalization doc for reference:

Let us know!

Hi @tyf,

Thank you. I am using Chrome as a Browser, and it was with the New Universal Login. Oddly enough now it works.

Would you have a sample of a customized widget setup with multiple languages? Especially where and how to place the Accept Language, as the ui-language does not seem to take the language from the header.

Thank you again.

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Good to know this is working for you now! Unfortunately, I am not aware of any samples relating to this.

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