Why some of the API endpoints require connection name and some connection ID?

There are at least two endpoint that accept connection as one of their parameters. Is there a reason why one of them requires connection name and the other one connection ID?

POST/api/v2/users requires connection name.
POST/api/v2/tickets/password-change requires connection ID.

It would be great if it can be unified so we don’t have to put several environment variables into our application that refer to the same object in auth0 system.

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This would be a great feedback item which you can post here https://auth0.com/feedback. The connection name requirement seems to be still with us from the API v1 days, there’s an old post here which explains the situation as it was back then https://community.auth0.com/t/confusion-around-connection-name-vs-id/661

I’m not sure where we are with the pending task in the backlog but any feedback logged on this should bring some attention to it.

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