Why it is not redirecting to the signup page, when i explicitly put the flag screen_hint: 'signup'?

Hello ,

I am using angular auth0-angular library and try to load the signup page, but it doesn’t redirect me to the sign up page, it always redirect me to login page.

ngOnInit(): void {
this.auth.loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint: ‘signup’});
I also read here New Universal Login Experience which say to put the flag screen_hint: ‘signup’.
I am using the new universal page, i event also did a console.log(config); to see if the parameter was correctly set, as you can see in the attached image, it’s correctly added, but didn’t redirect to sign up page.

Thanks for your help

Anybody has any idea ?

Hi @Neos, try passing in initialScreen: 'signUp' to the loginWithRedirect function instead - if you are able to land on the signup tab successfully, then there is something wrong with your setup and you are still using the Classic Universal Login experience.

Make sure you do not have custom HTML toggled on under the “Login” or “Password Reset” tabs of the Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options (this may be overriding your New Universal Login experience)


Hello @gparascandolo thanks ! :slight_smile: it’s working now

Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community @gparascandolo !

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