Why I can't Login on Mobile " Error:Login Required"

Hi, my Auth0 Login config works perfectly well on desktop but doesn’t on mobile. I keep getting this error:

Error: “login_required”
Type:Failed Silent Auth
“connection”: null,
“error”: {
“message”: “Login required”,
“oauthError”: “login_required”,
“type”: “oauth-authorization”
“riskAssessment”: null

I understand that for some reason the cookie isn’t passed to the browser and then I can’t authenticate. But I’m really puzzled as to why it does that?? Help?

EDIT: When looking at the log I see 3 line:
“Success Exchange”
“Failed Silent Auth”
“Successful login”

All come from the same login attempt on Mobile. Look like the auth was successful and then an error occurred…

PS: The issue happen both on Mobile Safari/Chrome as well as on incognito or public. On desktop everything’s fine on all browser.

Found the solution: Allow Cross-Website Tracking.

The cookie wasn’t allowed by Chrome or Safari on Mobile.

I suspect the fix is to make the login form on my own domain and thereby preventing any cross-website happening?

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Hello, The error you’re encountering, “login_required” with a type of “Failed Silent Auth,” suggests that the authentication session has expired or requires the user to log in again. The specific reason for the cookie not being passed to the mobile browser can have various causes, such as cookie settings, cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issues, or network connectivity problems. It’s recommended to review and adjust your Auth0 configuration, ensure compatibility with mobile browsers, check network connectivity, and enable detailed logging to troubleshoot the issue further. If needed, consider reaching out to Auth0 support for specific assistance based on your application’s setup.


Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community @dominic.bouchard.355 !

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