Why does the `/dbconnections/signup` Endpoint requires a password?

I am trying to set up Facebook signup and login but the /dbconnections/signup keeps asking for a password. is there a reason for this? can I disable it? and should I or is it a security risk?

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The dbconnections/signup endpoint only works for database connections, please see here https://auth0.com/docs/api/authentication#signup

For Facebook signup and login you need to configure a Facebook social connection

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I have Facebook set up for social connection already. but wanted to save the facebook user’s signup info in the auth0 database.

So that I can check if this is a returning user, or a new user.

Hi @a.saad
Thanks for coming back to us. Instead of creating a new account for the same user, perhaps just save the sign up info you need against the same user account in the user’s metadata https://auth0.com/docs/manage-users/user-accounts/metadata/manage-metadata-api

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hey saqib, not sure if you read my question correctly. I never said that i want to create a new account for the same user.

I want the user to be able to sign up and log in to my application using facebook.
Now, don’t I need to save the log in information in the auth0 connection database so that i know if its a returning user? or is there a different way?

if possible, please link me a doc link if this has been answered elsewhere.

Hi @a.saad

If you need to know if the facebook user is a returning user, then perhaps you could store the information in the metadata against the user account in Auth0. You could have a boolean flag called ReturningUser that is false on initial login but set to true on subsequent logins or some similar logic. This way you know if the flag is true then it is a returning user. This can be setup using a Post Login Action.

The link I provided before can help you set something like this up, also https://auth0.com/docs/manage-users/user-accounts/metadata/manage-user-metadata

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