Auth0 dbconnections/signup always returns 500

I’m brad. I’m a new user to Auth0. Basically i want the user to sign up using dbconnections/signup using my custom database. I tried different combinations. But on all occasions, it returns 500 for no reason. I tried with Login and it works fine. And even with the simple callback(200) message, it returns 500. Not sure what i’m missing. Can anyone pls advise.

My json request is as follows

“client_id”: “my client id”,
“email”: “EMAIL”,
“password”: “PASSWORD”,
“connection”: “MyDbConnection name”,
“user_metadata”: “”


Shooting in the dark here… client_id is not a parameter for the create users endpoint. Not sure if that might be related.

:wave: @btbrad1979 the 500 response usually indicated that there’s an error being thrown in either a custom database script or a Rule. If it is working for login and not signup can you check Create script. We can debug our script to see where the error is being thrown in the database script editor (Dashboard > Connections > Database > your-db-connection > Custom Database > Database Action Scripts ) there is a “Debug Script” button that we can use to view logs in real time.

Apologies for my late reply as i was pretty busy with my office so didn’t get a chance to login and reply.

Here is my update… Now after trying few combinations, I found that the callback that was sent upon successful creation was wrong. It should be return callback(null, instead of return callback(

But just to let you know that there is no rule in my custom DB and the user is getting created.

Now what is strange to me is for e.g, if the user already exists and I want to send 401 or any message that says user already exists. It is sending the message as expected, but the status shows as 500.

And when i tried with try script, it throws 400 as shown below and i’m bit confused. And not sure where i’m missing now.

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