Why can we not set a user's phone number?

When I try to create a new user and assign a phone number, I receive this error:

  "statusCode": 400,
  "error": "Bad Request",
  "message": "Cannot update phone_number for non-sms user",
  "errorCode": "operation_not_supported"

So, why can I not set the phone number at least? We don’t intend to use passwordless login. Phone numbers are provided to us by our partners as part of our SLA with them and are thus guaranteed to be verified.

The phone numbers are required as part of our MFA workflow where each user will be enrolled as soon as they are onboarded in our system.

Good morning,

The phone number field is reserved for users belonging to SMS connections. Depending on your needs, the phone number could be stored in a user’s user_metadata since the actual ‘phone number’ field is reserved for SMS connections.

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That’s not very intuitive but it is what it is I suppose. Is there any way to enroll a user using their phone number stored in their metadata rather than prompting them for their phone number?