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Associate pre-verified phone number with user's mfa

I have a bunch of pre-existing user accounts in my system. These user profiles have cell phone numbers that we have already verified. I would like to create user accounts in Auth0 for all of them and associate those phone numbers to the new accounts using the API. Is that possible? I don’t see anything in the API docs about that. I’d really like to save my users from having to enter their phone number to set up MFA.

Hi @zpearce,

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If I understand you correctly, the update user endpoint may be the solution for this. You can edit the phone_number and phone_verified attributes.!/Users/patch_users_by_id


Thanks for the reply!

The way I’m reading the docs, the phone number used in Guardian MFA is separate from the phone number on the user’s profile. If I already have a (verified) phone number for a new user, can I use that number to enroll them in MFA automatically?


I did some more digging into this, and ended up asking the engineering team because I couldn’t find a concrete answer. Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish this kind of seamless transition with MFA at this time. I can add it as a feature request if it is something you are interested in, and I would highly recommend following up with a feedback submission if you have the time.

Sorry I couldn’t help you solve this one.


Thanks for your help. A feature request would be nice.

I submitted one on your behalf.


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