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Which plan is needed for enabling API Access to the Authorization Extension?



Hi all,

At the " Enabling API Access to the Authorization Extension" doc page ( its said that I will need to create a Machine to Machine Application which as far as I know is only available to the developer pro plan, is that right or this specific API usage can be used also by the developer plan?

Sadly the price for the developer pro is way too high for me, while I also must have an option to alter user authorization by API calls.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi yonatan,

Any subscription plan can create machine to machine applications.

Do you have a pointer to the doumentation that says it is only available to pro plans?




Hey John,

Well at the plan pricing page ( only the developer pro plan got the “Enable Machine to Machine” option, so I wasn’t sure…

Thanks a lot for clarifying it for me :slight_smile:


I am checking on this. I can see Machine-to-Machine apps in my free tenants, but that page does say it is a feature of the developer pro.



I should have read the whole page!
There is a matrix down below that compares the features.
You get 1000 tokens per month with the free plan for M2M.

This will let you test it out, and do very small implementations, but for larger uses you would need to swich.



Yeah but I don’t want the free plan but the Developer plan (not Developer Pro either), and as far as I remember its noted that you need the developer plan for it and above, though honestly I can’t find that now… :slight_smile:

To add to the confusion, at the doc page “Installing the Authorization Extension” ( its written “Machine to Machine Applications cannot be used with this extension.” while at “Enabling API Access to the Authorization Extension” ( its stated “To access the API, you’ll need to create a Machine to Machine Application, which is the entity that interacts with the API itself.”.

So maybe you need 2 applications at auth0 to use the authorization extension and its API? and for the Machine to Machine application which consume the API you need the Developer Pro plan?

Honestly I’m confused (and tired which doesn’t help ;)), can you help me understand this?

By the way, for me the authorization extension doesn’t help at all without the API access since I can’t start telling my users to enter auth0 dashboard and alter users manually.

Thanks a lot for your help,


bump! :slight_smile:


You can only do Machine to Machine auth, where the other side is not the Auth0 Management API, when you have the Developer Pro plan. No, I don’t like it either.

There was a very brief period where there was the possibility to add Machine to Machine to a regular Developer plan, but that option vanished just as quickly as it appeared.

I get why Auth0 wants to get some extra buck for most Machine to Machine auth, but not allowing access to what is basically an Auth0 API without going for the most expensive plan feels kinda weird. I’ve made a feature request to change that. If you want to make one too, you can do that at

P.S: I’m looking into a way to access have my users access the API through the Authorization Code flow, but haven’t had the time to test if it would work.


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