Where is the webtasks tab in the tenant dashboard?

At various points in the documentation one is referred to the webtasks tab in the tenant dashboard, e.g.

I’m in the free trial phase with a new account, and I’m trying to evaluate whether I can setup a GDPR-complaint user experience that I’m happy with. I don’t seem to have this webtasks tab. How can I proceed to experiment with rules?

Hey @alpinegizmo! You should be able to find the webtask tab here under Settings by click your Auth0 Profile at the top right of the dashboard. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks!

Yes, I know that’s where the webtask tab should be, but it’s not. I get redirected from https://manage.auth0.com/#/tenant/webtasks to https://manage.auth0.com/#/notfound

Sorry for the delay in communication. I had to consult with the Webtask crew on this issue and they shared the following information: We recently made the decision to start phasing out direct access to the underlying Webtask infrastructure that comes with every Auth0 account. We noticed some customers using this built-in Webtask infrastructure for non-identity related workloads, which could adversely impact their Auth0 accounts if misused.

An alternative that I could recommend is to create a free webtask.io account and use that url/token instead of the auth0 token. Thank you.

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