When to Say Thanks... but No Thanks

Turning away business that conflicts with company values
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That’s a pretty harsh title huh? :smiley: Let us know in the comments what you think after reading the article!

Although this is a difficult issue to deal with, I believe that if a company actually values what it says it values then upfront transparency of the company is a good measure for all parties involved. There will be more constructive conversations with people who care about the issues, but might have unjustifiable assumptions and less conversations with people that will believe in something no matter what.

Unfortunately in the United States, there are many positions that cannot be substantiated due to a lack of understanding of theory of science, data literacy, and philosophy. Some examples include denial of global warming and belief in model minority politics because of aggregate data. One should be careful in believing that all opinions hold equal weight because there are cases when someone simply cannot falsify the opposing view and desires to hold their own opinions for personal reasons. I believe that the ideal scenario for diversity of opinion only applies when education can be effectively democratized.

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That’s a really good thought! Thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

Thank you for sharing your process on this, as well as Auth0’s values, which I share. Until I read this, I don’t think I fully appreciated the minefields in which companies find themselves during this time of extreme social polarization and the onslaught of viral misinformation fueling much of it.

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Glad you liked the article!

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