How We Hire Engineers - Volume 2

Providing transparency about the hiring process at Auth0 and the rationale behind it.
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Please let us know if you have any questions we can assist with on this topic!

Auth0’s transparency leading up to and throughout the hiring process was a key motivator for me to apply in the first place! It’s great to be working in an organization that continues to re-examine it’s hiring process to be as open and inclusive as it can be.


Totally agree with that!

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Do you guys inform the people who don’t pass the initial Application step? or is it implied if there is no response for a couple of weeks?
I put in an application about 3 weeks ago but haven’t heard back. Not sure what to make of it

Let me reach out to our HR team and ask them about that

I just go the information that I should receive an update from HR on that front by tomorrow @sohaibtariq12

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Thankyou @konrad.sopala :smiley:

No worries! We’re here for you!

The HR told me that the role has been filled recently and they’re contacting only chosen candidates.

oh, I was looking forward to it :frowning_face: . Thankyou for clearing that up

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No worries! Feel free to apply for different positions as we have plenty of openings right now!

This post and the thoughts behind it are appreciated. I always found the 45 minute coding test to be counter productive. As an example for my Google interviews (I did get that job) I was interviewing for a leadership role but spent hours making sure I had memorized things like an O(n log n) sort and log n search (FWIW I memorized heapsort - can’t get fooled by the siren of quicksort). What value does memorizing show - nothing. If one of my engineers or peers checked in their own sorting code instead of using a library I would, at the very least, have a discussion.

I do like the route of thought exercises - we have taken a similar path in hiring for my team. The process and lead time and especially any questions provide insight and help demonstrate sincere interest by the candidate.

Nice post and great thoughts,

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Glad you liked it @markfrommn!