What's the benefit of creating child accounts?

In terms of using multiple tenants, what’s the benefit of having child accounts?
Since you can create multiple tenants under one account, I’m not what is the benefit of having child accounts.

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The benefit of having chid account is for example having a development, test, or staging tenant that’s linked to a production tenant. This is shared in the below documentation. Please let me know if this helps answer your question!

Thanks for your reply. I’ve gone through those two articles, but I’m still not sure why you want to create child accounts because you can still create multiple tenants without having child accounts, correct?

That’s correct but then they won’t be linked/associated in the same fashion.

if you don’t create child accounts and create several tenants, how are they linked/associated?

Child tenants, share paid tiers of the subscription plan of the parent tenant.

When it comes to juggling multiple tenants it can quickly become complex depending on the app architecture which we would recommend opening a support case at that point (On the paid tier plans). As this would need to be evaluated on a case by case basis for best possible pathway forward.

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Thank you, James.

Now I understand how this works.

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Fantastic! Thanks for working with me on this!

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