What is the timeline and estimate for integrating passwordless with Universal Login?

It’s been mentioned by @konrad.sopala in this thread:

That integrating passwordless with Universal Login is a long-term goal that would be taken on “next year” (the post :point_up_2: is dated June of 2020).

That said, is this goal still going to be taken up this year, and if so, is there any insight as to when?

We need to implement passwordless, but we’re weary of maintaining a custom login page for this as there was a very concerted push on Auth0’s part to use universal login and the benefits it would provide.

We’d like to continue to take advantage of those benefits and passwordless as well.

If this is something that is happening this year, we can live with that, but if not we’ll have to reconsider passwordless.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

Let me circle back to appropriate product manage to find out more about it!

Hey there again!

Managed to get some information on that front. Indeed the passwordless options for New Universal Login gonna be provided this year. Nothing changed here but I still cannot provide you with more detailed estimates.

Thanks @konrad.sopala for the follow up.

We can live with it being a “this year thing”, much appreciated.

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Thanks! Glad I was able to help somehow!