What is the purpose of "redirect_url" in AuthorizationCodeTokenRequest

I am implementing the “GetTokenAsync” in the .net SDK. It requires an input of type “AuthorizationCodeTokenRequest”. Is the property “RedirectUri” actually used for anything in this case? The method returns a token directly as part of the response. What is the Uri for?

        var tokenRequest = new AuthorizationCodeTokenRequest()
            RedirectUri = $"{redirectUri}"
        var tokenResponse = await client.GetTokenAsync(tokenRequest);

Hey there @wedmondson!

Can I ask you to raise this as a GitHub issue in the .NET SDK repo so that the tool maintainers can address that directly? Once you share thee link to it here with us we’ll let repo maintainers know. Thank you!

I went back through you API documentation and see that this value is only required if " This is required only if it was set at the “/authorize” endpoint. The values must match."

I think this is the answer to my question.

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Perfect! Glad you have eventually figured it out!

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