What should RedirectUri be set to?

We are using Auth0 with a Asp.Net web application. I notice that in our UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication() we are setting OpenIdConnectAuthenticationOptions.RedirectUri to https://ourapplication.com/signin-auth0.

That route doesn’t exist in our system. What exactly is the RedirectUri? Is that the URL the user gets redirected to after authentication? If this is the case, I should change it to a valid (authenticated) URL within our application. We have likely never experience an issue with this being an issue because all of our login flows set the AuthenticationProperties.RedirectUri property.

Is my assumption correct?

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Hey there @shea !

This is exactly correct - The RedirectUri is indeed where users are redirected upon successful authentication at Auth0. Essentially, the redirect_uri parameter is added in the authorize request, and the value set must be an allowed callback url in the application settings in Auth0.

Hope this helps to clarify!

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