Actions: api.redirect socumentation/source code

This page on post login actions describes some api.redirect methods. Does anyone happened to know where they are documented, or possibly the source code location?
sendUserTo - do you have to manually craft the URI or is there a simpler way? The following doesn’t work for me:

    {some_key: 'value'}

Is the query in the example a way to control it?

  // Send the user to along
  // with a `session_token` query string param.
  api.redirect.sendUserTo("", { 
    query: { session_token: token }

best wishes: steven

Hi @steven.varga,

Have you seen this doc?

It shows how to encode data in a session token and pass it to the external site.

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@dan.woda Hi Dan, thanks! Yes I have seen it, didn’t take the call for a ride yet. This is to deliver prompt, so I managed to do it with passing

api.redirect.sendUserTo("", { 
{query: {key:'value'}}

then from the Universal Login Page, I could get the parameters in config.extraParams.

var config = JSON.parse(

This to prototype a flow, so I can do it with ACTIONs

[database | social | ... ](login) -> login page -> 
conditionally redirect to get more information ->
... -> 
complete the flow ->
return from post login ACTION

So far things work out, no final code yet…
best: steve

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Great, let us know if you run into anything.

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