What is Okta user's group equivalent in Auth0?

We have users under groups in Okta, and now we want to migrate them to Auth0.
As groups in Okta serve a purpose, I would like to know what are OKTA groups equivalent in Auth0?
I saw Organizations in Auth0, but they don’t seem to be same as groups in Okta (could be wrong). Can you please help me?

Hey there @naveen.velicheti welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there is no direct translation for groups in Auth0 Authorization Core - There concept of groups does however exist within the Authorization Extension but we generally discourage its use in favor of Authorization Core. See this page for comparison.

I definitely recommend you upvote, and provide any feedback you’d like in the following feedback request. Our product team monitors these closely for community input, so you’re feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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