Authorization Core support for groups

Hey there!

Year ago I was inquiring - Authorization Core support for groups roadmap clarifications - when/if groups will finaly be available not only to Authorization extension, but to Authorization core as well . Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension is more information.

Also I reckon in some support ticket support team hinted that 2022 Q2 might bring some news on this.

Am wondering if auth0 team could provide status update?

Thanks a lot and kindest regards!


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Hi @tom85,

I will reach out to the team and let you know when I hear back. Thanks!

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Thanks, Dan, looking forward!

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Hey @tom85,

We don’t have this feature on our roadmap and there is not date for when/if it will be added.

I’m going to move this topic to our Feedback category so we have an official feature request for it. Please take a moment to give it an upvote.