Will Groups be supported as part of the core feature of Auth0

As per documentation here, Authorization Extension has Groups support but the core feature currently doesn’t have it. Please advise, should we build the notion of Groups into our respective applications for the time being.

// From documentation
We have RBAC available in Auth0 as a core feature of the platform, rather than requiring the use of this extension. We plan on supporting user groups in the near future as well.

For a detailed summary of the differences between this extension and the core features of the platform, check this document.

We advise using the core capabilities rather than the extension as they are built to meet the high scalability needs of the Auth0 platform.

Hello @selvi_ranganathan!

This is currently not on the product roadmap, although there continues to be discussion around it. I definitely recommend adding to this feedback request as our product team monitors these types of requests closely :slight_smile:

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