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What is exactly "Use Auth0 instead of the IdP to do Single Sign On"



Can anyone help me understand what does “Use Auth0 instead of the IdP to do Single Sign On” do ?

What’s the difference between on and off ?



:wave: @westwin this article here explains the use of this feature better than I can. Let me know if that clarifies things!


Thanks kim for your reply.

Per the explanation of “Enabling Single Sign On means that if the user is already logged in through Auth0, the Identity Provider (for example Facebook) login dialog won’t be prompted again, and he will be automatically logged in the specified application.”

Does it mean that if the switch is on,

  1. Auth0 will save a SSO cookie to indicates that the user has logged in
  2. When user initiates the second login from app, the browser will be redirected to Auth0, Auth0 then just issue sso token instead of redirecting to facebook to check facebook sso cookie ?