What is Cross App SSO?

I am upgrading to essentials from free but see it doesn’t support Cross App SSO. What exactly is that? The tooltip says:
“Give your customers, partners and employees the freedom of Single Sign On while keeping the control and enhanced security you need”

I have no idea what that means. Can anyone explain?

I have the same question, My case I have 3 apps in auth0 and I want to be able to signing with my Auth0 username in the 3 apps

This question has been here for nearly a month without a response. Is there nobody at Auth0 who can answer this?

Can I use Auth0 for SSO without a paid subscription, or is this ‘Cross App SSO’ a feature of a paid subscription.

So it seems the answer is:
You can share the auth0 database for authentication across apps but they won’t be automatically logged in to other apps by logging in to one app unless you move to a paid plan (professional or enterprise).

The only SSO included with the free or essentials plan is social media login integration.

Hey there @wedwo , do you have any more info on HOW you set up your auth0 database to authenticate across apps? And do you mean auth0 applications of literally across different applications like abc.com to def.com for example.

I’m trying to figure out how to do Cross Application SSO between our website and a partner technology’s website that we want to automatically log users in on.