Is mobile app to app SSO/account linking possible with Auth0?

We currently use Auth0 for account creation/login for our mobile application.

We have several clients who have their own mobile apps that are interested in setting up SSO between their mobile apps and our mobile app.

I know it’s possible to accomplish this using a browser based OAuth flow with the Auth0 SDK, but am interested in knowing if it’s possible to do this using an app to app OAuth flow with Auth0.

I’ve seen some applications like Alexa (App to app account linking) do this by using Universal Links (iOS) or App Links (Android) to pass parameters back and forth for an authorization request.

The reason we are interested in exploring this option is because the end users of the mobile application(s) we are integrating with are likely to be logged into the mobile app, but not logged in on a web browser (which means they would need to login on web in a browser based oauth flow).

Is the app to app flow possible using Auth0?