What happens when I go over the M2M authentication limit?

I have another account with the DEVELOPER plan which inherits the 1000 M2M from the free plan. I would like to know what happens when 1000 requests are exceeded. From the control panel I see that the number exceeds the maximum allowed (for example “2.539 of 1.000 Authentication Calls in December”). And I can see a message telling me to upgrade my plan. But if the users don’t stop being generated, what happens?

Hi @marco.paggioro2,

Welcome to the community! As you’ve seen, “nothing happens” when you go over your limit. Eventually you’ll get a call from someone in Sales requiring you to upgrade. I don’t speak for Auth0 or their Sales team … my experience is they have been usually been pretty flexible on this stuff. E.g., you go over one month but then get your usage back under control and it’s all good. Definitely if you go over consistently they’ll expect you to upgrade your plan.


Yep that’s pretty much how it looks like!

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Thank you for your availability.
If we don’t need to upgrade the plan, what do you recommend to do to limit the generation of m2m? So Ittdoesn’t go over 1000 per month

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