What happens if a user doesn't verify their email?

The user account is created anyway so what is the email verification useful for if I may ask?

And also, how are fake, bot accounts prevented? Are there any captchas that I can integrate?

Hi @benjamin203,

You may find it useful to search for these questions before creating a post :smile:

Our doc on Verify Emails using Auth0 has an explanation and examples at the top.

Yes, our Bot Detection features provide a captcha.

Hi @dan.woda ,

I guess my question then is: Can I just let Auth0 send the verification email without worrying about restricting access until the user account is fully verified? Can I just use the preset without any configuration?

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That is really going to depend on what your app is doing. Auth0 doesn’t require email verification for login, giving you the flexibility to make the decision on when and how to handle it, but we offer you the tools to enforce it if you want to.

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