Webtask Container Questions

We came to know that auth0 runs the javascript in webtask containers, which gets recycled every 20 mins. We have a few questions.

  • Could there be more than 1 such container?
    Answer: No

  • What is the cache of every container, and is it shared among each other containers?
    Answer: no, your scripts (rules, actions, etc.) will run in the same container sharing the same cache, as explained here.

  • How many containers would be there in the prod?
    Answer: 1 for all your scripts (rules, actions and etc).

The 20 mins referenced in this doc is the upper bound of the lifetime of a webtask container.

Due to the nature of the Webtask architecture to provide security and scalability for our customers, the mechanism of recycling the containers does not guarantee any specific lifetime of the containers and thus there is no guarantee on the cache duration. You should not depend on the lifetime of the container and the caching provided by the individual containers.

Because of this, we can’t provide any commitment of a minimum of the lifetime of a webtask container.