Webhook Error Message & Repeat Log Delivery Despite Route Receiving The Log

I have a log-stream webhook (setup through the Auth0 > Monitoring > Streams > Custom Webhook GUI) that is filtering for Login - Success events and sending JSON Array data to POST endpoint. I am receiving that that log and my DB is processing the data appropriately.

However, the Health of this webhook shows nothing is ever successful and I am getting a Message: Could not reach endpoint error (this is my main concern). Am i missing a configuration?

I am also getting multiple repeat logs sometimes in a single request and across multiple requests. While I have filtering to prevent duplicate logs in my DB why is a single request being sent multiple times (sometimes up to 10+ times?) is this possibly because Auth0 thinks the initial log did not send and adds that log to the next batch to attempt?

I should add – I am currently testing this route locally with Ngrok is it possible that is triggering some error function because it is being routed through that?

Thanks for your help.

I was not sending a status back to the webhook.

Adding return res.sendStatus(yourStatusCode) looks to have fixed the health & duplicate logs issue.

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Woooohooo! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!