403 Forbidden Error for Custom webhook Log Stream


The article explains the common reasons for 403 forbidden errors for custom webhook log streams.

Applies To

  • custom webhook
  • 403 forbidden errors


An HTTP 403 error may be caused by an invalid token or incorrect URL for a log stream, which in turn may cause the log service provider to return this error to Auth0.

There may be a few common causes of this issue if the log stream was working correctly earlier.

  1. The log service access token got expired or was invalidated.
  2. A change in the log service caused the stream URL to be invalidated or changed.


Check the service provider logs to ensure the token and URL are valid. If necessary, update the configuration of the Auth0 integration with the new access token or URL from the service provider. Auth0 has some built-in log streams for popular log service providers. Consider testing the built-in options.

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