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Hey @martin.walsh, Roy responded directly by email with the below response.



you run it once, seems fine, can sign in.

you run it a second time - no UX, just it saying “you’re signed in”

you tap log-out - back to the main UX -tap sign in - NO UX just view saying “you’re signed in”

delete the app

re run the app - tap sign in - no ux…

i’ve tried deleting cookies, deleting cache - nothing will log this out, ESPECIALLY not the ‘log out’ button.

i’ve switched to Lock - that at least is giving expected ux flow.

@ginocingolani my onboarding experience has been horrific. I am completely blocked from accessing the product through the invite flow as I get stuck on a page where the “Next” button does not work - no matter what browser I try or what checkboxes I click on the page. How am I supposed to access my account? I tried this months ago and assumed the bug would be fixed, but when I tried again today it still does not work. Please help.

HI Natalie, I’m sorry to hear that you experience is not being satisfactory. Could you please share more details so we can help you out and identify the issue? Where are you getting stuck? On the signup? When accessing the dashboard? Could you share some screenshots? Thanks a lot!

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Hi @ginocingolani thanks so much for the reply, it has been really hard to get support on this issue! I get blocked on the screen in the screenshot attached. No matter what combo of “yes, coding” “not coding” and checkboxes I select, nothing happens when I click the “Next” button - literally nothing happens - and I am totally blocked from proceeding. I can’t see a way to get to the dashboard or accept my invitation without getting past this screen. Any help would be deeply appreciated.