Vue.js, Spring Boot, Kotlin, and GraphQL: Building Modern Apps - Part 1

Learn how to build modern web apps using Vue.js for the frontend and a Spring Boot, Kotlin, GraphQL API for the backend.

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What did you think of this tutorial? Have you tried this technology stack before?

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Hi! I had been learning Vue, Spring, and Kotlin separately and this was the perfect opportunity to see how they fit together. It’s a beautiful stack and it’s a shame it’s not the norm lol

Also, please add “{{ messages }}” in the h2 tag of your about.vue component so that the message displays :wink:

Hi, when I execute ./gradlew bootRun show this error in browser when I try to access localhost:8888

Thank you a lot for reporting that! Let me ping the person responsible for that content to address that!

I am getting this error (even I copied the exact code snippets above)

val bean = FilterRegistrationBean(CorsFilter(source))

/MovieReviewBoard/HelloWorldController.kt: (32, 62): Too many arguments for public constructor CorsFilter() defined in org.apache.catalina.filters.CorsFilter

I was getting this error too. It looks like Spring Initializr has changed since this article was written. From the console I saw that Spring Boot is running embedded Tomcat.

On a hunch I changed the Spring Initialzr packaging from JAR to WAR and that fixed this issue.

These are the settings I used to get things working (I’m running Java 12)


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Thanks a lot for providing that knowledge Paul!

Really cool article and very helpful.

The @EnableResourceServer annotation has been deprecated in the mean time, and also the event bus in Vue 3 is deprecated. Would be really nice to have this example updated to latest releases for the software stack. Currently stuck on implementing authentication using Auth0 in a project with a Vue 3 and Spring Boot 2.3 tech stack.


Relaying that feedback to our Content Team that is responsible for creating those blog articles. Will let you know once we have any updates on this front!

Howdy, Radu! Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

For the latest on Spring Boot (Java) authorization, checkout this blog post, please:

For Vue Authentication, check out:

You can adapt the client or API server to fit your data model. It does not cover GraphQL but it gives you a strong foundation on where to start :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update on this one Dan!

Hey Dan, thanks for the resources.
They seem to cover the topics I was interested in.


Got you covered then!

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