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Vue.js, Spring Boot, Kotlin, and GraphQL: Building Modern Apps - Part 1

Learn how to build modern web apps using Vue.js for the frontend and a Spring Boot, Kotlin, GraphQL API for the backend.

Read on :hammer_and_wrench:

What did you think of this tutorial? Have you tried this technology stack before?

Let us know :writing_hand:

Hi! I had been learning Vue, Spring, and Kotlin separately and this was the perfect opportunity to see how they fit together. It’s a beautiful stack and it’s a shame it’s not the norm lol

Also, please add “{{ messages }}” in the h2 tag of your about.vue component so that the message displays :wink:

Hi, when I execute ./gradlew bootRun show this error in browser when I try to access localhost:8888

Thank you a lot for reporting that! Let me ping the person responsible for that content to address that!

I am getting this error (even I copied the exact code snippets above)

val bean = FilterRegistrationBean(CorsFilter(source))

/MovieReviewBoard/HelloWorldController.kt: (32, 62): Too many arguments for public constructor CorsFilter() defined in org.apache.catalina.filters.CorsFilter

I was getting this error too. It looks like Spring Initializr has changed since this article was written. From the console I saw that Spring Boot is running embedded Tomcat.

On a hunch I changed the Spring Initialzr packaging from JAR to WAR and that fixed this issue.

These are the settings I used to get things working (I’m running Java 12)


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Thanks a lot for providing that knowledge Paul!