Build and Secure an API with Spring Boot and Kotlin

See how easy it is to bootstrap a CRUD API with Spring Initializr, build it with Spring Boot and Kotlin, and secure it with Auth0.
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It seems api identifier and issues in yml file used interchangeably ,can you please check and verify .

Really liked the Article Post. Very few out there using nimbus-jose.
I agree with @info47 , there is some issue with yml config. The ways placeholder are use its prevents application to start.

@AccordionGuy would you be able to help here? Thanks!

Hi there — I’m the author of the post. Let me take a look at the issue with the .yml file and see what’s going on. I’ll get back to you shortly.

I’ll give it a look.

Perfect! Thanks a lot!

Hello, @sushant.shek!

You’re correct — somehow, when writing the part about application.yml, I got the { API Identifier } and { Domain } placeholders mixed up. I’ll update the article, but that will take a couple of days. In the meantime, here’s the correct version of the application.yml template:

  audience: { API Identifier }
          issuer-uri: https://{ Domain }/

If you’ve been using the suggested names while following the tutorial, replace { API Identifier } with hotsauces.demo.

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Thanks for sharing that @AccordionGuy !