Vue - $auth.isAuthenticated always false

I’ve tried following 2 tutorials for vue+auth0 (quickstart and this) and both get me to the same place: $auth.isAuthenticated remains false no matter what I do. As in, I can login successfully, but the variable stays false.


  • Different browsers (chrome, brave, safari)
  • Copying tutorial code from github / writing my own from scratch

The result of this is that log in button never changes to log out, even after I’ve successfully loggen in. I don’t see any errors in console.

It can’t be a dependency version problem (like suggested here) because the issue persists with code cloned from tutorial repo here directly.

Any ideas?:slight_smile:

Solved using the last aswer here.
tl;dr change Auth0 setting from Regular Web Application to Single Page Application

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Perfect! Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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