isAuthenticated always returns false

I’m using auth0-spa-js for getting a token via the auth code flow. However it seems that when I call auth0.isAuthenticated(), it always returns false. This leads to restarting the auth code flow if it is not the initial redirect from the auth server.

Here is the code that gets called on each page reload:

import createAuth0Client from '@auth0/auth0-spa-js'
import axios from 'axios'

export default async ({ app, router, Vue }) => {
    let auth0 = await createAuth0Client({
        domain: '{domain}',
        client_id: '{client_id}',
        audience: '{audience}'

    const isAuthenticated = await auth0.isAuthenticated()
    if (isAuthenticated) {
        // show the gated content
        await afterLogin(auth0, Vue)

    const query =
    if (query.includes("code=") && query.includes("state=")) {

        // Process the login state
        await auth0.handleRedirectCallback()
        await afterLogin(auth0, Vue)

        // Use replaceState to redirect the user away and remove the querystring parameters
        window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, "/")

    await auth0.loginWithRedirect({
        redirect_uri: window.location.origin

async function afterLogin(auth0, Vue) {
    let user = await auth0.getUser()
    Vue.prototype.$user = user
    Vue.prototype.$auth = auth0

    // let claims = await auth0.getIdTokenClaims()
    // console.log(claims)
    // setAuthHeader(claims.__raw)
    let token = await auth0.getTokenSilently()

function setAuthHeader(token) {
    axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' + token

Hello, @pavel.nikolov!

Could you please confirm if you’re reloading the page before experiencing this issue?


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Hi, @joseantonio.rey!

Yes, this happens on page reload. But since this is suppose to happen with a SPA everything is as it should be.


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Sounds good. Thanks for confirming!