auth.loggedIn always false on demo app

using the sample angular jwt application, login button successfully redirects to Auth0 and prompts for login. redirect back to my site includes ‘code’ and ‘state’ parameters. however, auth.loggedIn always remains false. this.isAuthenticated$ is always putting false into the pipe in localAuthSetup() from client.isAuthenticated(). why could client.isAuthenticated() always be false?

I followed the quickstart tutorial. did i miss a setting in my Auth0 settings panel?


Continued: this seems to be because my callback to returns a 401, AFTER a successful login through Auth0 and return to my site?

SOLVED: downloaded the sample code prebuilt and it worked fine. Compared the code and it was the same!?

I was first testing a dotnet app and then went on to test an SPA app. The solution was in my app Settings in Auth0. Change Application Type from Web App to SPA app. Even though the docs say “The type of application will determine which settings you can configure from the dashboard.” Apparently they control more than that, since I didn’t have to change my app in any way to make it start working after this settings change.

tl;dr change Auth0 setting from Regular Web Application to Single Page Application

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