Built angular from scratch, but got isAuthenticated always False

Hi guys,

I created an angualr app from scratch and followed https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/spa/angular/interactive
to setup the app step by step. Basically my code is as simple as.

In HomeComponent:

<div *ngIf="(auth.isAuthenticated$ | async) === false">
        <app-user-profile *ngIf="auth.user$ | async as user"></app-user-profile>
    <div *ngIf="auth.isAuthenticated$ | async">
        <span>Welcome <app-user-profile *ngIf="auth.user$ | async as user"></app-user-profile><app-logout-button></app-logout-button></span>

And my app.module.ts imports part.

imports: [
            domain: 'dev-u1q32atd78t8nep6.us.auth0.com',
            clientId: 'CiXG0SZK9LxDLdGICp2FsgXZTOEas6GN',
            authorizationParams: {
                redirect_uri: window.location.origin

And the logout button and login button are exactly same as in the tutorial.
But not sure why the auth.isAuthenticated is always returning false.

I also downloaded the sample app and setup pointing to the same application in Auth0 registration. This is running perfectly. I really got puzzled.

Could someone give a hand? Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Hey there!

As this is strictly quickstart related I would encourage you to open a GitHub issue so we can discuss it with the quickstart maintainers. You can do that here:

Once you have a link to it you can share it here so we can ping the repo maintainers on that front!