Angular and Auth0 *ngIf="(auth.isAuthenticated$ | async) undefined

I need help,
It is strange but *ngIf="(auth.isAuthenticated$ | async) is undefined although I can see the Observable in the console log. Application is set to a single page app on the Auth0 side. And I can see that the user successfully authenticated. However I unable to pull the user profile.
I followed all the steps in this tutorial:
The Complete Guide to Angular User Authentication with Auth0

Hi @DoNotPanik,

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Have you tried getting the user profile info by using *ngIf="auth.user$ | async as user"?

Here is an example from the Angular Quickstart (src/app/pages/profile/profile.component.html):

<div class="container mt-5" *ngIf="auth.user$ | async as user">
    class="row align-items-center profile-header mb-5 text-center text-md-left"
    <div class="col-md-2">
        class="rounded-circle img-fluid profile-picture mb-3 mb-md-0"
    <div class="col-md">
      <h2>{{ }}</h2>
      <p class="lead text-muted">{{ }}</p>

  <div class="row" *ngIf="profileJson">
    ><code class="json" [highlight]="profileJson"></code></pre>

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