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I’ve been using Auth0 for quite some time now for my project. My project does phone verification after the user is lock them. Now I want to use Auth0’s in-house SMS verification to verify users phone number after they have logged in. Ideally, I would want to store this phone number with users information in Auth0, if this information does not exist user would be asked for phone verification. How do I achieve this?


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From my understanding, you would like to enable MFA SMS with Auth0 in-house SMS verification. Before you will continue please keep in mind:

Sends SMS messages using Auth0’s internally-configured SMS delivery provider. It can be used for evaluation and testing purposes only, and there is a maximum of 100 messages per tenant during the entire tenant lifetime. New codes are not received after reaching the 100 message limit.

How to enable SMS MFA you can read here

Regarding the 2nd part of your question, probably the best approach would be to create Post-Login Action that would check if the user has the phone_number field in the user’s profile empty. You don’t need to do anything else if it’s not empty. If it’s empty, you should redirect the user to a page in your application where they can enter their phone number. In the page host on your side, you will need to create a form with a field for a user to input a phone number, which later you will need to update on the Auth0 with the usage of the Management API. After that redirect user back to Auth0 to finish authorisation.

Redirects with Action can be a bit of challenge, we have a dedicated doc page for that which you can find here

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