Mobile Verification

This is a feature request to add support for mobile phone verification.

It is similar to the idea of email verification, but for mobile. Most, if not all, other major auth providers support this feature. I’d propose two different options to give each developer when it comes to mobile verification:

  1. Required in signup flow - In order to complete signup, the user inputs their mobile, receives a verification code over sms, and inputs it before they can proceed.

  2. Optional later - At any point, a user can choose to verify their mobile. They click on a link in the app akin to “Verify mobile”. They receive a code via sms and enter it into the app.

The idea behind the first use case, is sometimes you need to verify a user’s phone number before they can create an account. The idea behind the second is similar. Sometimes you need to verify their number before they can access certain features.

If you have your own use case or implementation requirements for this feature, please reply with it so I can improve this request!

Thanks for adding this feature request @EthanOrlander!

Would this be used in addition to an email login? If so, how does it differ from SMS MFA?

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Hey Dan! Great question. So, the use case I am considering here is one where your business needs don’t necessarily require MFA, rather you just need to verify the user’s phone number using a one-time code. This would be simple enough to implement separately using a little service and something like Twilio or SNS, but I thought it would be tidier to have it within Auth0 since email & email verification is already there.

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If it’s a use case that enough of your users have (maybe it isn’t), I thought it could be convenient to include this functionality in Auth0.

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Thanks for expanding on it!