Easiest way to get validated email address and validated mobile number

We are looking to implement our first mobile app login through Auth0. We are considering passwordless login with email address for simplicity here. We are not planning on doing social logins at this time, since we really want to capture the actual email address of the user.

We are using the New Universal Login experience for our web portal, so we assume we would use this same experience for our mobile app. I see that Magic Link login is not available for Universal Login experience, so we have eliminated this as an option.

At the end of the day, we want to have a customer profile that contains a validated email address and a validated mobile phone number. We are wondering how much out of the box Auth0 functionality can help us achieve this.

We are thinking that passwordless / OTP via email will help us validate the email address.

I found the article Configure SMS and Voice Notifications for MFA. Because our simple app is something that lets you join a nearby waitlist, I’m not sure if the whole “Verify Your Identity” screens from Auth0 might be off-putting to one of our end users if we use those screens to verify their mobile number using SMS for MFA.

Since I saw there were options to create custom actions / custom workflow for Auth0, I wasn’t sure if there was a creative way to get a validated email address and validated mobile number without going through these formal screens.

Any options I should consider here?

Thanks… Mike

Hey @woz,

Validating email addresses is standard flow for database connections, and users profiles automatically contain an email_verified bool and are sent an email requesting verification by default.

Mobile number verification is a bit trickier, as there isn’t a default feature. The closest feature that currently exists would be something like SMS MFA, but it doesn’t provide you with the user’s mobile number, so that might not solve for your needs. You may want to consider adding mobile number collection and verification outside of Auth0.

Magic link is available for Universal Login, I think there may be some confusion. Where are you seeing this?

Hello Dan,

Your reply is very helpful! I didn’t realize that performing MFA over SMS would not offer us the mobile number. Now I know!

Regarding universal login not supporting Magic Links, I found it in this Auth0 online document under Limitations.

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Apologies, I missed the fact that you are using New Universal Login. I see now you stated it above.

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