Verify ownership of tenant url (for google app client)

Hi, I am currently having a problem with the google login.
I created a oauth client in my google dev console.
But when specifying the allowed redirect urls for this client, i can only provide authorized urls, for which i have confirmed the ownership. (couple of years ago this wasnt an requirement as far as I remember).

So the problem is, how can i confirm the ownership of ?

Of course there are the default options, like DNS record, html file or meta tag.

How should i proceed?
Otherwise i can’t use the google social login without a custom domain.

(i created a dev and a prod tenant, only the prod tenant has a paid sub so I can use custom domains)

I was just using the ‘try’-feature for the google social login, that’s where i got the error which led to this post :slight_smile:

The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client