Validate username and password

Hi, I would like to validate username/password. I don’t want the access token or id token.
Is there any Api that I can use to validate the username/password supplied ?

Hey there!

Can you share more around your usecase? What do you mean by validating the username and password? We need more context to help you

Sure. I’m working on a User Registration method where I get the Username, Password in the Input.
If the user not exists then I create a new User in Auth0, generate a new Registration-Id and return the Id.

If the user already exists then I validate the Username/Password and return the Registration-Id.

To check the user exists or not, I’m able to use the Management Api api/v2/users-by-email?email=

This is my use case.

Any update on this one ?

Hi @Uday81

I would recommend using the ID token to return the registration ID. Also, using Auth0’s ULP to both sign in and register, rather than implementing it yourself.

Resource Owner Password Grant is the method to validate the user ID/password combo, but it is no longer recommended in any circumstances.