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We currently have a .NET 4.6 web application that makes use of the Auth0 SDK. It features a custom built login screen, and the username and password are supplied to the SDK. Upon successful login, a controller function queries our local database and creates claims based on user permissions. For example, there will be claim type=“Permission1”, “Permission2”, “Permission4”, etc. There is also a few other key data pieces, such as what services are enabled, that are saved in the claims. The user is then signed in (HttpContext.SignInAsync()).

We are upgrading to ASP Core 5, and I’m having a lot of trouble upgrading.

  • If I use the lock widget, I have no way of adding the claims on the callback. If there is, I can’t find that documentation.
  • I’m trying to avoid saving all of our permissions in Auth0, because there are already 100 some permissions, and we already have a system built to handle permissions. We would have to rewrite all of that, including the permission management and hooking up to your APIs.
  • I’m trying to avoid the IAuthorizationHandler stuff right now, as we already have a very complex permission system built
  • Is there a way I can still use Auth0 the way I did before, where I pass username and password to an endpoint? I can’t find any endpoints that are working.

Hi @gregsenne,

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I am not sure about some of the elements specific to .NET, but you can exchange username/password directly for tokens with the Resource Owner Password Flow.

Hope this helps

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