How to check the validity of a username and password from my own server?

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Universal Login is not suitable for my use-case for first sign-in, so I am using next-auth credentials provider for that very first sign-in only - subsequent sign-ins will use the next-auth auth0 provider + universal login. Thus for first sign-in I just need to check the validity of a users username and password - won’t do anything with the token. Is this supported?

I know this is a real edge case and not recommended, but it really is the only way to use auth0 +nextauth to create the user experience I need (specifically, a sign-up flow with lots of custom UI and forms that automatically logs in the user after it is completed, with no redirect involved).

My plan is to create the auth0 user from the backend, then log them in via next-auth credentials provider from the frontend.

After their signup/first login, my users will always log in via the Universal Log In for all subsequent logins.

Is this use-case supported?

Based on previous discussions, it seems this is the only way? Call Your API Using Resource Owner Password Flow

Just following up to confirm that I got this working with the method above

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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