Using machine-to-machine authentication with a custom domain

I’ve set up an application using a custom domain and can successfully authenticate users to it, using the custom domain as the authority.

Now I want to add a machine-to-machine application but that is automatically configured with the auth0 domain and I can’t change it to use the custom domain.

So I can’t support both authentication methods at the same time without disabling issuer verification. Is there any way around this?

Hello, @keithfs - welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Machine to machine authentication should work with Custom Domains. What error are you getting when using your Custom Domain for M2M authentication?

Hey, thanks for the welcome and the prompt response :slight_smile:

I was double-checking my config as I was composing my reply and it turns out I had a mismatch - my M2M was using the authority and my web app was using my custom domain, so the two types of tokens had different issuers, which makes sense. Once I changed the M2M app to use the custom domain, all was good :+1:

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