Using Log Streams to invoke a service call when an email address is updated

I have a use case where I would like to make a service call to an external system when an email address is manually updated using the “Change Email” Action in the Users maintenance screen. If the webhook fires any time the email address is updated, that would be OK as well, if not preferred.

From other help topics, it seems like one way to do this would be to use Log Streams to identify this event and then trigger a service call. Specifically, I would create a custom log stream containing only the events (Success Change Email) I care about, and then have an external system use each event as a trigger to make a service call. Is that the recommended way to do something like this or is there another, preferred method?

Also, when creating a log stream, what event category includes Success Change Email?

Hi there @jan.cermak welcome to the community!

I believe using log streams to be the best approach here. You could also query the Management API, but that is up to you.

It looks like sce will be included in User/Behavioral - Success.

Hope this helps!

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