Send Notification to Users when their Email Address is Updated in Auth0


This article explains how a notification email could be sent to the user to confirm that their email address was changed in Auth0.

Applies To

  • User profile update
  • Actions
  • Email notifications


A possible approach is to listen to log events of type ‘sce’ (Success Change Email) and send out a notification to the user.

  • This can be done by periodically calling the Management API or by creating a Log Stream with a Webhook that listens to that particular event only. Listening to the event and sending the notification has to be handled in the application/server.

Auth0 is planning to release a new Action flow that is triggered when a user profile is updated in the second half of 2024. Once this is available, admins will be able to create an Action for this trigger and write the code to send the notification in the Action itself.