Using Authorization Component only

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Is it possible to just use the Authorization API of AuthO if our users are stored with another Identity provider? i.e. Azure B2C stores users Auth0 would provide Authorization RABC capability?


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You can connect to Azure AD, would that solve for this?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. This would partially solve my problem. After investigation, functionality which I believe is missing with the Authorization service that AuthO provides is another level of granularity. I’ll explain further when our users login to our application they then have the ability to switch between multiple entities/businesses that they have access to, within each of these entities they will have different roles and associated permissions. Therefore we need to have a user associated to multiple business then roles and permissions. With the ‘Out of the box’ solution Auth0 has it looks to me like you assign the roles directly to the users.

Keen to hear your thoughts.


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