Using Auth0 to connect an account, but not actually login

So I’ve setup an ASP.NET Core 2 project using the sample provided - The user can login via email/pass or Google. Works great. For the webapp I have 1 further requirement:

Once a user is signed up they will be asked to name and create an Organisation or join an existing one. This part I will handle with my own db and connect the Auth0 user ID to it. Easy enough I think.

After that I will ask the user to connect a specific Google account with access to their organisations’ Analytics. For the user flow I want them to click a ‘connect’ button and once auth’d, return to the same page and show success. I will need to record the user ID created in Auth0 against the org, so I can do things with it later.

How can I do this? As far as I can tell in the ASP.NET Core sample, it would over-write the currently logged in user?

:wave: @strich I saw you were able to solve your metadata question, are you still looking for help on this question and this one still?

Yeah I think I still need help on this one - The default flow in your ASPNET examples won’t work with this particular requirement. I essentially need to auth someone with a specific return URL, so I can handle it differently.

@kimcodes I never resolved this one. Any updates?

I was able to find solution for this, as described in this article:
You have to put:
in the oAuth Redirect field (where is your Auth0 domain). This will work in “strict mode”

Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!

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