ASP.Net Auth0 - Take user directly to social login page

I’m using ASP.Net core libraries to authenticate using Auth0. Currently flow is (Step 1) Home Page → (Step 2) Auth0 Social Login Selector → (Step 3) Social login → (Step 4) Home page (authenticated)

What I would like is to skip Step 2. Instead in my home page, i would show options for Facebook , LinkedIn etc and when user chooses one want to navigate to Step 3 above.

While docs say that connection name could be passed ( in js libraries), I don’t see a way to achieve this in ASP.Net library

//Challenge user for authentication. Once authenticated redirect to returnUrl
var authProperties = new AuthenticationProperties() { RedirectUri = returnUrl };
authProperties.SetString(“connection”, “linkedin”); // IS THIS RIGHT WAY ?
await HttpContext.ChallengeAsync(“Auth0”,authProperties);

Above is the code triggering authentication. Can you help on this.

Hi @sudhakar.raju,

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If you pass a single connection param to the /authorize endpoint it will redirect you to the social provider, bypassing the Auth0 login page. Similar to what you have mentioned.

Assuming you are using the library, you would pass a connection as it is documented here.

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