Using Auth0 in PWA packed as iOS-App failed

Dear Community,

we use Auth0 as authentication provider in our PWA (Progressive Web App), which works great. We have already packaged this PWA with as an Android app and published it in the Playstore - works great too.

Now we tried to package the PWA also with as an iOS app, but that doesn’t work as desired.
What we did step by step: PWABuilder Suite Documentation

The problem occurs after the login screen of Auth0 appears in the iOS app. It shows Oops! Something went wrong after login and the technical details only show invalid_request.

We have also configured the WKAppBoundDomains which does not solve the problem.
Please help us :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone,

Do you have any update regarding this problem?

No! Still hoping to get some Updates/Help from anyone.